• Easy - Heart

    This heart is one of the most basic yet foundational designs in latte art. Learning this is important because, although designs become more advanced, they maintain steps and elements found in learning this design.

    Design Guide and Video Here 
  • Medium - Stacked Tulip on Leaves

    Similar to the Heart design, this medium level design involves key patterns necessary to level up your skillset to more advanced designs. The tulip and leaves together is a recurring pattern in latte art.

    Design Guide and Video Here 
  • Hard - Rabbit

    Rabbit is a totally unique design that you'll rarely see used in other patterns, unlike the Heart and Tulip. Because this is such a unique design, it's unlikely you'll get as much practice and master the pattern. Having this tutorial card can supplement that and you can practice the movements and master this pattern!

    Design Guide and Video Here 

See what our customers are saying!

  • Perfect gift for my daughter in law!

    My son's wife is a barista at a cozy coffee shop in our town and she's obsessed with everything coffee! I know she's been practicing her latte art recently and these flashcards were the perfect thing to top off the coffee gift set we put together for her!

  • A Great Conversation Starter

    I got the cork coaster set of latte art patterns for myself. Every time I have guests over for coffee, they notice the coasters and ask about them. They love the idea and looking at the instructions as they sip on their drinks.

  • Actually helped me learn and get better opportunities!

    I wanted to learn latte art for a while now and I stumbled across these tutorial kits. I've got to say, it's not going to make you a master, but it does help you memorize a good handful of patterns. I actually think I got my newest job because I learned this skill! Just one tip; have patience!